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UT Gardens Senior || Knoxville, TN || Emily Carey

UT Gardens Spring Senior Session

Throughout my career, I have photographed lots and lots of seniors. During each session, I love learning more about the university they want to attend and the degree they want to obtain. Most of the time, they are going to UT, and most of the time, they will pursue a career in the medical field. Lots of nurses. Like, a ton of nurses. A few doctors. Maybe 1 or 2 business majors. Really, that’s pretty much it. When I asked Emily where she was planning to go to college, she didn’t have a set decision, but it will not be UT. And the career path she is going to pursue is graphic design. Immediately, I felt like I could relate to her. I could ask her questions about it and understand it. I love the medical field. But I love it because I know nothing about it, and it fascinates me. As far as having an educational conversation about that career though…my knowledge goes about as far as Grey’s Anatomy 😂

It was a complete and total joy getting Emily in front of my camera. Originally, we were supposed to shoot her session on Friday. Then, they changed it to a different day so they could do a campus visit, but it got canceled so we ended up shooting on Friday anyways. Oh my goodness am I glad we did. The weather was incredible. The blooms were incredible. Every single thing about this session I am obsessed with!

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