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Studio Newborn Session || Knoxville, TN || Katie Rechel

Newborn Session with a Toddler

I have been shooting more and more newborn sessions where big siblings are also included. I get SO many worried mamas asking me if it’s even possible to get big bro/sis to cooperate. Especially when they are 2 or younger, but your toddler will surprise you. Just let your toddler be your toddler. Let them have toys in their hands or bandaids on their fingers or snacks in their mouths. In Owen’s case, either my battery charger or the portable sound machine in his hand 😂 It’s not perfect. It’s not flawless images with perfectly framed smiles. But it’s real. The season of life you are in or are about to enter into is messy. It’s waaaaaay far from perfect. Even with its messiness, your toddler really does love that new baby even if he/she shows it by pushing on baby’s nose and screaming “HOOOOONK” (inspired by Hazel’s newborn session when Grayson did that exact thing to Hazel).

Elise and Max did this so graciously. They knew Owen was going to be all over the place. They knew he would need some trickery to get him to participate. He had odd, random things in his hands or his belly showing or was squirming or playing peek-a-boo. You know what? These images reflect that little personality SO perfectly. Years from now when Elise and Max bring out these photos to share with grandchildren, they’ll recall exactly what this season held with smiles on their faces. They’ll describe these moments in detail and laugh as they tell them how he would just not put that sound machine down until they finally convinced him to “hide” it behind the pillow. Then, he forgot about it and moved on to carrying the photographer’s camera battery charger around 😂

Don’t try to make it perfect. Life is, in fact, not perfect. It’s okay if there is a chewed gummy showing in that big mouth grin or if that bow is crooked from running in circles and falling on the ground. Just let them be them. Let them have fun. It’s amazing how much less stress you’ll feel when you give them this freedom and how much more you’ll love your photos when you see their little personalities shining through! Maybe, just maybe, next time it’s picture-taking time, they’ll be excited instead of throwing fits.


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