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Schulz Brau Engagement || Knoxville, TN || Britney & Wyatt

Schulz Brau Engagement Session

Britney and Wyatt are big time brewery people. Their favorite pastime is visiting local breweries with their friends and enjoying the evening sipping cold brews. Britney knows Wyatt isn’t super big into taking pictures. So to make it more enjoyable for him, she chose a Schulz Brau engagement session! When I got there, they both had a mug in their hand and were relaxing in a private booth. It had a green vine crawling up either side and was perfect for photos. I’ve shot at multiple breweries in Knoxville, but the patio at this one was by far my favorite. There was so much to work with that didn’t involve tons of strangers in the background. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for having the crowd of people in the background. But having the option to not have strangers in the background was so nice! It truly was the perfect evening because the weather was great, and it wasn’t overly crowded.

Every engagement session is different as far as posing, outfits, and the number of photos we get from each setting. In some sessions, I spend more time talking, and in other sessions, we just get right down to the business and shoot the whole time. In this particular session, I chatted a lot with Britney and Wyatt. I heard so many stories about their adventures together, the different cities they’ve lived in, and the different jobs they’ve had. I think their bartending history makes them great at conversing because we couldn’t stop chatting. In the end, Wyatt looked at me, and said, “When Britney told me we were doing these, I didn’t get the point. We had a photographer when I proposed and did some photos, but I just didn’t get it. Why were we doing this again? Now, I get it. It was great, Amanda. I totally get why we needed to do this. The wedding day photos will be so much better now.” It’s true. Engagement photos are helpful in so many ways, which you can read about at this blog post. It really does make the wedding day go so much smoother!

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