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Foothills Parkway || Knoxville, TN || Katie & Christian

Foothills Parkway Engagement Session

As you scroll through these Foothills Parkway engagement photos, you’ll see a shift in the coloring. When I shoot at the Foothills Parkway, I always want to end our time together right at dusk because that’s when you can see the mountains the best in photos. Since the sun is blocked by a mountain behind me, the exposure on the client and the ridges is similar. Ending at dusk means we begin in the sunshine and shoot while it goes down. When the sun is out and shining on us, the images are much warmer. When the sun tucks away, they get cooler. I’m sure many of you would not have thought twice about the beginning of the session and the end of it, but in case you did, there is an explanation!

I loved getting to know Katie and Christian. I get a lot of clients who are very intelligent. Like another level of book smarts, and these two are some of them. One day, I’m going to see one of my clients win a Nobel Prize or cure cancer. That’s how smart they are. It can be really intimidating if I think about it too hard. Especially when their niche is in the science or medical background because that stuff is more foreign to me than the French language. It makes me so grateful though because I know how intelligent they are, and I know they did their due diligence when choosing their wedding vendors.

Thank you, Katie and Christian, for entrusting me with this season of memories ūüėĀ

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