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Norris Dam Engagement || Clinton, TN || Keely & Travis

Norris Dam Engagement Session

I went to high school with both Keely and Travis. I’ve kept up with them on social media, and I photographed Keely’s twin sister’s wedding several years ago. I hadn’t really SEEN either one of them since high school until their Norris Dam engagement session last week though. It was like picking up right where we left off. Honestly, they look just like they did in 2007, which is so crazy to me. After so much life happening, you’d think there would be at least a little aging, but no. Definitely not, and I’m so not bitter or jealous about it 😂

The thing I love about both of these humans is how they make the people around them feel. Both are so good at making the person they are talking to feel important, heard, and appreciated. They can find the introvert in the crowd and make them feel comfortable. They welcome anyone and everyone into their circle with open arms and no judgment, and it’s just a really beautiful thing. I can see now how perfect they are for one another. Even looking back to high school days although their romance didn’t start until after graduation.

It was so much fun getting some old friends in front of my camera. Hearing some of their story and seeing them love one another so sweetly. I cannot handle how stinking cute they are together and how absolutely beautiful they look in the photos below. I think my favorite one is down by the water with the dam in the background. Keely is still in the green dress, and she’s resting her head on Travis’s chest. You’ll know it as soon as you see it. It’s about half way through and at the tail end of the green dress outfit. Gosh, it’s beautiful.

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