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The Studio at Fountain City Lifestyle || Knoxville, TN || Ava Shepherd

The Studio at Fountain City Lifestyle Session

I remember this season so vividly because I was literally JUST in it. This is the second lifestyle session I did in a week, and it came flooding back to me all too quickly. It’s so sweet. There are so many precious moments where big brother snuggles little sister, and you think you might just melt into pieces on the floor and never get up again. There are also so many hard moments. Moments where you’re up with a crying infant for hours. After JUST getting her to sleep your toddler wakes up. You run on little to no sleep, you are healing from childbirth both physically and hormonally, you can’t exercise yet, you’re constantly starving yet have zero time to fix an adequate meal for yourself, and you haven’t showered in days. I know this is true because I’ve experienced it three times in the last 5 years. When the Shepherd family arrived at the Studio at Fountain City, however, all I could see was the joy overflowing from their hearts for their newest blessing. They were smitten and proud and cherishing this short short season so beautifully no matter how hard it is. I respect them so much for this because it’s hard to push past the hard and enjoy the goodness of it all. But they are doing it. Cheers to the Shepherds. May we all experience the fullness of the joy to be had in hard seasons!

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