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Marblegate Farm Wedding || Keely & Travis

Dreamy Marblegate Farm Wedding

Foreheads together at Marblegate Wedding by Amanda May Photos

Everyone knows that Keely is a planner. I went to high school with her and Travis both and know this from our high school years, but even if I hadn’t, it was mentioned multiple times on the wedding day by various wedding party and family members. I relate to Keely so much in this way… I am also a planner and us planners like to foresee every possible outcome so we can prepare for every possible outcome. Some of those outcomes are great and some are not so great. As Keely & Travis’ day unfolded though, it seems like all of the best possible outcomes kept unfolding for Keely. While she was getting her dress on at the Marblegate Farmhouse, she was looking out the window, her sister was zipping her into her dress, the horses in the view in front of her started galloping across the field. The lake was shimmering in the background, the sun was shining, and Keely had the BIGGEST smile on her face as she said “This is literally everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more”.

That one statement was the rhythm of the entire day. Time and time again things were falling into alignment with Keely & Travis’ most perfect version of this day and you could see the overflowing joy spilling out of them. The way they hugged people as they greeted them at the reception. The way they kept coming back to one another in long, paused kisses. The way they were smiling so much it was making my jaws hurt just looking at them. All the while Travis says “Can we take a few pictures not smiling? I’m not really a smiler”… definitely fooled me, my friend. Maybe on an ordinary day, but on a day like today, they were both cheesing it up in the best possible way. We did take a couple not smiling though and I’m not going to lie, those images speak to me so powerfully because even without the smile, you can still feel the happiness gushing out, even though you can’t quite pinpoint where it’s coming from.

To say that I am honored that Keely & Travis chose me as their Marbelgate Farm wedding photographer is the understatement of the century. There are so many amazing wedding photographers in Knoxville and they still chose me. I got to be the one to memorialize their day for them. I got to be the one to capture Travis wiping his tears away as he walked toward the ceremony and saw all the people he loves so much there to support him & Keely. I got to be the person to help make Keely’s dream of having wedding photos with a horse come true. The responsibility of preserving your day in every way for you to relive forever does not fall lightly on my shoulders. I am humbled every single wedding I get to photograph as I click my shutter to hopefully be able to retell your wedding day story for years to come. I love this Marblegate Farm wedding so much!

Vendors used by Keely & Travis:

Second Photographer: SkyLights Photography

Venue: Marblegate Farm

Coordinator: Team Wedding

Videographer: Sweet Tea Productions

Florist: Samuel Franklin Florist

Cake: R Long Cupcake 

DJ: Corey Ozair – Music In Motion DJ & Lighting

Makeup: Sarah Jane Kidd

Hair: Soulful Hair Studio

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Dress Designer: Stella York 

Bridesmaids Dress Shop: Aazazie Official 

Men’s Attire: The Black Tux 

Stationery: Zola

Caterer: All Occasion Catering

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