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In Home Lifestyle || Knoxville, TN || Myles is 9 months

9 Month Lifestyle Session

This little man just hit 9 months! All of his sessions have been inside because of temperatures, the fact that he was a newborn, or in this case, a really high chance of rain. I thought for sure this was going to be our chance to escape into a pretty park and some green grass and trees, but nope. 60% chance of rain at a sunrise session is tooootally not worth it. At least with a sunset session you wouldn’t be waking up at the crack of dawn to get rained out. So, in perfect Payne fashion, this family rolled with fabulous flexibility, and we moved it to be an in home session at their house.

I have never seen a baby love a basketball so much. Myles Payne is a basketball fanatic. Both of his parents played, and now, his dad coaches. so, it makes sense, but my goodness, if there’s a ball within vision, he can’t take his eyes off of it and just grunts and reaches until it’s either given to him or hidden. He’s also the happiest baby on the planet because if we chose to hide it, he didn’t pitch a fit or scream or even fuss. He just looked around and started smiling. Okay, yes, please.

These two are SUCH good parents. They are so joyful and so loving and so perfectly where God has them right now. Honestly, it was so light going into their house. Light as in the opposite of heavy, not light as in bright. Seriously though. I don’t think I’ve ever heard either of them complain about a single thing. They just put in the work where it needs to be put in and enjoy the time when they don’t have to be putting in the work. It’s admirable.

I can’t believe Myles will be 1 year at our next shoot! I’m certain by then he’ll be walking because he almost was at this session. So, stay tuned because it’s just right around the corner!

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