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The Studio at Fountain City || Knoxville, TN || KJ is ONE

The Studio at Fountain City Cake Smash

KJ’s session was on one of those randomly chilly June days. We started inside with his adorable little dinosaurs and balloons. This kid is the smiliest kiddo, and his big huge blue eyes will just totally pull you in. We moved outside for some family photos and ended with his cake smash and a bubble bath.

When we sat him down, he definitely did not know what to do with the cake. Shannan, better known as mommy, showed him the ropes. She handed him some cake, swiped icing on his tongue, and stuck his fingers in it. He was looking at all of us like this was the weirdest thing he had ever done. He tried moving, and his foot got in it, which confused him. He just wasn’t that into it.

Our goal was to move him from the cake smash over to this little metal bucket and do a bubble bath. It was a two-fold idea. The bubble bath would be a great way to get all the icing off while also being super cute and letting him play with the bubbles. Just a couple weeks before his 1 year session though he all of a sudden started hating bath time, and the cool temperatures outside left the water suuuuper chilly. Again, he just wasn’t into the bath. We did, however, get some adorable photos of him outside of the water with just his diaper on and his eyes popping against the green grass.

Fast forward a week later to his first birthday party, and the child did the messiest cake smash there ever was. Shannan texted me some photos of him, and he tore into that thing like it was his most favorite thing to do ever. You can’t help but laugh at the contrast between the two events just one week difference. We never know what little kiddos are going to do ha!

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