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Hunter Valley Sunrise Engagement || Emily & Nathan

A Hunter Valley Sunrise Engagement Session

We originally planned Emily and Nathan’s engagement session for sunset. They drove down from Pittsburgh to make it happen, and of course, this crazy weather we’ve had recently did not cooperate. Rescheduling is next to impossible given their distance and my incredibly packed calendar. So, what’s the next best alternative? Changing to a Hunter Valley sunrise engagement session instead. The rain did hold off, and I’m happy to report that we got some absolutely adorable engagement photos of the two of them.

As I edited these, I couldn’t stop admiring Emily’s smile. It is stunning and truly lights up the whole space around her. When I complimented it, Nathan was quick to add that it was one of the things that initially drew him to her. It’s filled with joy and so contagious.

Also, I learned a little champagne trick at this Hunter Valley sunrise engagement session. Emily and Nathan wanted champagne popping photos, but they also wanted to have champagne as part of their picnic. So, we popped the champagne during the picnic photos, but then, it was all bubbled out by the time we were ready for the champagne spraying photos. Apparently, they found a hack where you can pour 7Up or Sprite into the champagne bottle and use that to spray. We did, and it worked pretty well. However, this got me thinking, and next time, I think emptying the champagne entirely and refilling it with a bottle of Topo Chico is the way to go. If you’ve never had Topo Chico, it is the bubbliest carbonated water on the market. It’s delicious and gives a nice burn going down. It would probably spray REALLY well!

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