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Golden Melton Hill Maternity || Knoxville, TN || Kara & Evan

Golden Melton Hill Maternity

Okay. Can we just admit that these two are the cutest? I know I’ve started a blog this way before and there are a bajillion posts by photographers starting out with that same sentence. Seriously though. They are really freaking adorable. They aren’t from the area, but they moved here in late 2019 right before the pandemic hit. One set of parents lives 8 hours in one direction, and the other set of parents lives 7 hours in the other direction. So, Knoxville is in the middle. They love the area but hate not having their family here to love it with them. I can’t blame them for that. This is their first little babe, and thankfully, both sets of parents are able to come help with the transition. I have a feeling Kara and Evan are going to be way more pro at this than they think though.

Do you ever meet a couple and think, “They work really well together.” Well, that’s these two. If parenting is the greatest adventure you’ll ever go on (says someone somewhere), I think their partnership on this adventure is just going to make their marriage sweeter and sweeter.

I’m so thankful they had me document this sweet season of their lives. I had so much fun shooting their golden Melton Hill maternity session.


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