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The Studio at Fountain City || Knoxville, TN || Barrett’s Newborn Session

Studio Newborn Session

baby next to a stuffed dog at studio newborn session

This little man was a bit older than most of my newborns. This means we got some sleepy shots of him, but we also got some awake shots of him. Eyes wide open, looking around, and making funny faces. He did so good for his studio newborn session. It’s interesting that in the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy, I photographed more newborns than I have all year. I can’t help but feel like it was some sort of preparation the Lord is doing for me. Snuggling these newbies, watching myself help them calm down and stay asleep, and swaddling them. Parents telling me I was such a baby whisperer, and they have never seen their little one sleep that soundly for such a long time. It gave me some much needed confidence because the newborn phase is where I am the least skilled. I have the least patience, I cry a lot, and I hate not sleeping. With two other littles at home, I have been getting a little more scared every single day to add a newborn into this mix. Then, I reflect back over so many newborn sessions these past 30 days, see how I handled it, and I totally can do this. I can push the enemy out of my head and remind myself God has given me the skills to do this. It’s a short time and likely the last newborn to pass through our house so it should and will be a sweet season to cherish instead of a scary one to wish away. It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten all in my feels in a blog post, but here we are. Feels galore 😂


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