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The Standard || Immaculate Conception || Knoxville, TN || Maggie & Matt

A Downtown Urban Wedding at The Standard

Recently, I have had some of the largest bridal parties of my career. 10-15 bridesmaids and 10-15 groomsmen on either side. My second shooter looked at me when she got to the bridal suite of Maggie and Matt’s day and said, “Your couples always have massive bridal parties,” and she’s right. This year has been unique in they have had such a huge group of friends surrounding them on their day, but what she doesn’t know is that is unique to this year. I find it a little ironic since we are coming out of a time of not being able to hang with friends, go out to restaurants, etc. Nonetheless, this urban wedding at The Standard was amazing and had plenty of room for all these girls to get ready.

It’s hard to pick a single thing I loved most about this day because there were so many good parts. The bride literally had a smile on her face all day. Priest preaching the gospel? smile. Toasts getting serious and emotional? smile. Hair stylist explaining where to put the veil? smile. Trying to pop the bottle of champagne that NO ONE makes a cute face during? smile. At one point, the videographer and I looked at each other and said how nice it was that she was ALWAYS smiling, but also, her jaws have to be SO tired 😂 Then, on the groom’s note, he is the most willing groom ever. What I mean by that is every time I asked him to do something or get something for me, he was not only willing but eager to do it. More photos? Yes! Get all your groom details? Oh yeah! Go outside in 90 degree weather? Heck yeah! Stay behind while all your guys go back into the AC to get more photos of just him? That sounds great! Seriously, you think I’m exaggerating, but he was just so happy and joyful and up for all of it. I never felt one single time like I was annoying him by asking for one more shot. Ironically, because he was so willing we got through it faster though, and he was done sooner!

Also, this was a Catholic wedding. As you probably know, Catholic churches, priests, and Catholic ceremonies tend to be on the stricter side when it comes to photography and videography. There are often very important rules to abide by while shooting during a Catholic ceremony that prevent us from leaving the back of the church (most of the time even on side aisles). If you have ever been in a Catholic church, they specialize in the very long, beautiful aisles. I have an incredible 70-200mm lens that more than satisfies my need to zoom at most weddings, but sometimes during a Catholic ceremony, even 200mm isn’t enough to get waist up shots during the ceremony. Of course, my Catholic couples are always very understanding because there’s really not much we can do about it, but for Maggie and Matt’s Catholic wedding, I was able to shoot it like I would a regular church wedding. It was amazing. I discretely walked up the side aisles to get amazing shots of their faces and close ups of them exchanging rings. It was the easiest Catholic ceremony I’ve ever shot, and I’m SO thankful for that because I know I was able to capture the emotion of their ceremony. I know they will see those photos and relive that 45 minutes of joy over and over every time they look through their gallery. So, big shout out to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and to Maggie and Matt’s priest for allowing me to serve my couple discretely but well!

Okay…shew…I could really keep going, but this is enough words. You’re not here to read. You’re here to see beautiful images. Feel free to scroll though the blog, and be on the lookout for the rest of their gallery to be done in a few weeks!

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Ceremony: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Reception: The Standard

Coordinator, Florist: Margaret Claire’s Weddings

Videographer: Young Videography

Cake: Publix

DJ, String Duo: Ogle Entertainment

Makeup: Tori Stewart Jackson

Hair: Knoxville Bridal Hair

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Men’s Attire: Regal Tuxedo

Second Photographer: Alyssa Rachelle Photography


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