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Castleton Farms Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Meghan & Ryan

Vineyard Wedding at Castleton Farms

The week leading up to this wedding, I was in Florida with my in-laws. I flew Allegiant, and on my way back, the plane was fully boarded. We were on our way to the runway when it stopped, and the pilot came on to tell us that we were going to be stuck right where we were for at least thirty minutes. That all air space had been closed off above our airport, and they weren’t allowing any airplanes to land or take off. About 20 minutes later, he came on and said it would be about another 45 minutes. Then 20 minutes later, said another half hour. In that moment, I felt the panic so many photographers have felt on flights to go shoot something. They can’t cancel this flight, right?!?! I mean, we were boarded, our luggage was boarded, we were on our way to liftoff. Surely, they won’t cancel this flight. But I’m a planner. So, if they did, I had a plan. I was going straight to Enterprise to get a car and start the 12 hour drive back home. I may have to stay up literally all night long, but I would be there, which is all that mattered. Thank goodness my mind’s spiraling didn’t come to fruition, and after 2 hours of sitting on the plane, we did finally take off. The woman beside me hated flying, and she was mildly panicking for a different reason. I played it cool and laughed and said that’s what we get for flying Allegiant.

So thankful it all went smooth though, and I got home around 6pm. It gave me plenty of time to gather all my things, charge all my batteries, clean all my equipment, and get a good night’s sleep before I shooting Meghan and Ryan’s BEAUTIFUL vineyard wedding at Castleton Farms! We had a great team for their day. One of my favorite videographers, favorite caterers, favorite venue staff, and favorite second shooters. On days like Meghan’s and Ryan’s, it’s hard for anything to go wrong because all of us have worked together so much that we are truly like a well-oiled machine. We know what everyone is responsible for. We know where to go to get the things we need, and the best people to do the job. I swear at this point Danyelle and Taylor can literally read my mind and know what I need from them before I even open my mouth. It’s amazing. Even when there’s a little hiccup, like a bustle not being sewn in, Taylor hunted down some safety pins, and I met Meghan at her private dinner to literally make a bustle for her. It wasn’t perfect because I’m definitely no seamstress, but it totally worked, held her train up ALL night long, didn’t rip her dress, and didn’t look half bad. I was kind of impressed with myself to be totally honest.

The thing I loved most about this wedding was the emotion Ryan experienced. When I pulled Meghan outside to read her card from Ryan, I asked her if she thought Ryan would cry. This was a large group of CPAs. Mostly public accountants that are auditors for big 4 firms so we (as in me, too, because that is also where I came from and am also one of these species) are pretty realistic and down to earth. She looked at me and said oh no…Ryan doesn’t cry. I cry every day, but Ryan NEVER cries. I was so proud of her in that moment. I was so proud of her for setting a realistic expectation. She knew he would be overjoyed and gushing over how gorgeous she was, but she wasn’t trying to force a cry on her fiancé when she knew it wasn’t him. That’s what made their first look and ceremony walk so special because he DID end up crying. During their first look and during the ceremony. A guy who never cries was so overcome with joy by his beautiful bride on their most special day that he teared up, and it was freaking precious you, guys.

Also, I have to add. At the reception, there were a couple times where Meghan and Ryan pulled me aside to snag a picture for them. They both apologized for pulling me from my 15th lap around the dance floor to grab it, and I couldn’t help but look at them with a smile on my face and tell them that it’s THEIR day. They could never be annoying, and I’m 100% there to serve them and get the photos they want! They felt like they were keeping me from doing my job by pulling me away when in reality they were helping me serve them better. I don’t hover over the bride and groom the ENTIRE reception. Mostly because that’s annoying. They can feel when I’m there, and they feel like they have to have a smile on or be standing the right way or hug the right way because I’m right there snapping pictures of their every move. They don’t want to look bad so it’s on the forefront of their minds instead of being genuinely engaged in whatever conversation they’re having with their guests. So, I try to give the couple some space after all the major moments are over, and when I see someone whip out their iPhone to take a photo with the couple, I usually try to jog over and get a copy for them to have in their gallery as well. Needless to say, I don’t get a copy of every single iPhone photo so when they snag me for one, I want them to. I want you to, too. I’m there to serve you the best possible way so always come snag me when you need me if it’s in one of those moments when I’m not hovering beside you.

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Venue: Castleton Farms

Videographer: Milestone Pictures

Florist: Melissa Timm Designs

Cake: Art of Cakes Bakery

DJ: Blaze the City

Hair & Makeup: Bangs and Blush

Wedding Dress: Bella’s Bridal and Formal

Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Second Photographer: Alyssa Rachelle Photos


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