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Bridesmaid Proposal || Downtown Knoxville || Chelsey Reagan

The CUTEST Bridesmaid Proposal

Alright, you guys. I have never photographed a bridesmaid proposal before, but it was absolutely the most adorable thing on the planet. If you’re a bride who has REALLY freaking great friends and loves pictures, this needs to be added to your wedding planning to do list!

I met Chelsey and her 5 besties at The Oliver Royale as they wrapped up their brunch. She had some champagne popped as she handed out their bridesmaid proposal boxes. Each one inscribed with their name and the CUTEST goodies inside. They all opened together and had personalized letters from Chelsey that brought some of them to happy tears. This group is a really great one. Some live in Atlanta, some live in New York, some live in Knoxville, and the maid of honor is moving to Paris next week. So, this gathering was not something that gets to happen often to say the least.

We followed the bridesmaid proposal with some bestie photos. We did Market Square shots, and then, we ventured to the top of a parking garage for the rest. Chelsey asked me what props she could include in these photos to make them extra fun. I suggested a few things, but she went above and beyond. When I said one bottle of champagne, she got 6. One for each girl. When I recommended glitter, she got the cutest confetti poppers that looked like champagne bottles. The girl went all out, and I am so here for it.

If this doesn’t remind you of a “Sex and the City” type closeness, then I don’t know what will.

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