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Backyard Microwedding || Oak Ridge, TN || Mary Ellen & Jason

Backyard Microwedding

If you Google the word “microwedding,” the results say it’s not a word. That’s because 2020 sent the wedding industry into a frenzy in most of the world, which forced people to start doing this new, weird thing, and we slapped a name on it….microwedding. Basically, it’s the same thing as the small, intimate weddings that happened before COVID, but saying, “small-intimate-wedding,” was clearly too long for how often we were having to say it. So, we renamed it something shorter 😂

I’ve always loved “microweddings.” Even pre-COVID, there was something so sweet about them. Something very rich and intentional. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love my big weddings, but also, that isn’t for everyone. It’s not everyone’s dream to have 400 eyeballs staring at them as they walk down the aisle, and I just want to say that is okay! If your dream is do something in your sister’s backyard with just your parents and siblings, that is so a-okay. Just ask Mary Ellen and Jason. I’m pretty sure they are 100% happy with this choice because this was the best choice for them. She got ready in the downstairs. Jason picked up the cake and food. The parents chilled on the couch until it was ceremony time. We planned to start at 3:30, but we didn’t end up starting until 4:00. It was totally fine because it was a microwedding. A beautiful, simple, elegant, personal microwedding, and it was perfectly Mary Ellen and Jason.

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