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2023 Favorite Engagement Photos

I include an engagement session in every wedding collection I offer. Why? Because engagement photos provide SO much value. I’m not just talking the pretty photos you’re going to walk away with. I’m talking about the time we spend together being irreplaceable. There is no other way I get to know both of you as people and as people in front of my camera. I learn how you interact, poses that work best for you, and how to get your natural smile. I’m not the only one learning at this time though. You are also learning my style of posing, the language I use to get you to do certain things, and who I am as a person. Above all the learning, I’m building your confidence in me to make you look good. Let’s face it. VERY few people actually enjoy having their photo taken. They want the photos, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t nervous leading up to their time in front of the camera. 99% of the time, my clients start our I start their engagement session saying, “We aren’t going to be good at this. We need lots of direction.” Not only is my job to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera, but it’s also to make that time fun and to make you look incredible. When you get the photos back and love them (because you will love them), your confidence in my job as your photographer skyrockets. On the wedding day, there are no reservations or nerves around photo time. He knows it’s not going to be dreadful, and she knows I’m going to make her look amazing. There is no other way to build that confidence than with engagement photos.

So, for all the engagement photos I took last year, here are some of my 2023 favorite engagement photos!

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