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A Wintry Castleton Engagement || Talya & Austin

A Wintry Castleton Engagement Session

When you are a Castleton couple, you get to do something called the “Castleton Planning Experience.” Castleton comes with full wedding planning when you book them for your wedding. Several months before your wedding day, you come to their property, to meet with your coordinator and all your vendors. You spend the day deciding on things like linen colors, table layouts, flowers, and timeline layout. At the end of the whole thing, you’ve basically planned your entire wedding while listening to experts in each field on what they have seen that works best. It’s really a very cool experience. For couples that come from out of town to do this, I usually take advantage of their time in town and shoot their engagement session the next day. This is what we did for Talya and Austin’s wintry Castleton engagement.

We met back at Castleton the day after their planning experience, and we had the most BEAUTIFUL light. As warm as this light looks, however, it was a chilly day. I thought for sure Talya would be freezing in her dress. She’s from New York though and is used to much colder temps. It was no big deal to her. Meanwhile, I’m in long sleeves, a cotton zip up, and a blue jean jacket, still cold.

What I love most about Tayla and Austin is how they are up for anything to get a cool shot, and they do not give up. At the end of our session, I asked Talya if she would like a photo on Austin’s shoulders. I told her I hadn’t done it yet and have seen these start trending, and they looked pretty cute! She was totally down, and Austin loved the idea, too. Right before she got up there, I told her it’s kind of scary up there. I recently had to get on Dustin’s shoulders to reach a tie for our tent setup, and it’s WAY scarier than you remember as a kid. Adults don’t really ever mount another adult’s shoulders unless it’s in the pool. In which case, falling off is not scary at all because falling into water doesn’t hurt at all. But falling off onto hard ground…now, that’s another story. At first try, Talya’s mom and I were in the middle of the field while Talya was getting on Austin’s shoulders using the patio furniture off to the side. She got on but began to lose her balance and slowly leaning forward, and they both ultimately rolled into the grass. Talya in a white sweater, might I add. Her mom and I came running over because even though it was the most graceful fall I’ve ever seen, it was still a tumble. Both her and Austin were red in the face from laughing so hard. I proceeded to ask them if they were okay, and that we totally don’t have to do it. Nope, they were determined. This time as Talya got on Austin’s shoulders, her mom and I held her hands. Then, we walked them back into the field where we would shoot it. They turned out so cute! I put my favorite one in the blog post below! I’m so thankful to them for giving it a go. Even after it didn’t work the first time. I know it wasn’t super comfortable, but they persisted. It really did turn out so cute and gave us plenty of laughs at their wintry Castleton engagement!

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