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Winter Engagement || UT Gardens & Volunteer Landing || Knoxville, TN || Allie & Brady

Winter Engagement at UT Gardens and Volunteer Landing

Allie and Brady are SUCH a sweet couple. Allie has followed Amanda May Photos for years. Even before she was engaged. Once it was time for her to start planning her wedding, she reached out to me, but I was already booked for her date. A couple years ago, I would have HATED sending her the email telling her I was already booked, but then, I launched Amanda May Photos associate shooters. Instead of telling her I couldn’t serve her, I got to tell her that one of my associate shooters was available, and the Amanda May Photos team would be SO happy to serve her and Brady. She proceeded to tell me how important communication and setting realistic expectations was to her. The fabulous part about hiring an Amanda May Photos associate is you still get me as your communicator. You still get me as the one setting the realistic expectations. You still get my organized workflow. You still get me writing the blog post and editing the photos. If we had spoken 4 years ago about Amanda May Photos adding an associate shooter branch to the biz, I would have laughed. I can’t give up that much control! I can’t NOT be the one shooting! Then, I realized something. Would I rather teach others how to serve in the same capacity as me using their already incredible skill as a photographer and impact another couple or would I rather keep all that to myself, not teach anyone how to serve like AMP, and not get to impact as many couples? It was an easy answer, and clearly, you know the one I chose. I’m so excited for Brittany Sidwell to be the associate shooter serving Allie and Brady. She is incredible with both her photography talent and her capacity to love on people. It is an absolute honor to have her as part of my team serving AMP couples. I am picky about who I choose. I am picky about the way they love on others. But this girl. This girl has got it, and I’m just thankful she is available to serve Allie and Brady just like I would have at their winter engagement!

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