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Marblegate Farm Wedding || Jess & Dean

A Weekday Wedding at Marblegate Farm

There’s just something different about weekday weddings. They are slower, more relaxed, less chaotic events. Not that this can’t be true for a Saturday wedding because some Saturday weddings have this vibe, too. I’ve just never shot a weekday wedding where it hasn’t had this atmosphere. Saturdays are a 50/50 shot. Jess and Dean definitely had a really great, slow, relaxing wedding day. We kicked the morning off at an AMAZING airbnb off Keller Bend in West Knoxville. If you’re looking for an airbnb for the morning of your wedding or for the wedding night, look no further than this adorable little place. I’m linking it here because I loved it so much. You might just find me having a staycation here at some point.

One thing I really love about Jess is how she doesn’t sweat the little things. For example: 1) There was one strand of hair in the front that just wouldn’t keep the curl. They curled and recurled and recurled before leaving the airbnb, but it just wasn’t cooperating. Before stepping into her dress, she calmly asked if I could see if anyone had a curling iron at the venue so she could maybe consider touching this curl up at some point before the ceremony. I chatted with the planner, and she searched for a curling iron while Jess stepped into her dress. She finally found a curling iron right before the bridesmaids first look. While I put the girls into place, Jess hid in the grand bathroom at the Marblegate farmhouse where she ended up being able to curl her hair. She didn’t hold up the timeline or stress over it. She did it when she could, and it ended up holding the rest of the day after that. 2) She didn’t stress over her train dragging in the dry grass during portraits. Her dress was made out of the most perfect twirling fabric, and we did lots and lots of twirls. Instead of trapping her train all up in her hands, she let it twirl around her so BEAUTIFULLY. In the midst of all the pre-ceremony portraits, probably during one of these twirling moments, we got a little spot on the underside of the train. She didn’t panic or stress and was able to get it out during a break.

I think one of the key things to enjoying your wedding day the most is going into it determined that you’re not going to sweat the small stuff. If you care about every tiny little thing on the actual wedding day, you’re going to get to the end of the day with a tension headache from carrying stress all day. And that’s not what your day is supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be full of joy, love, and happiness. You’re supposed to look back on this day as one of the best days of your life. Having the right mindset that the only thing that REALLY matters is marrying the love of your life helps to not sweat the small things and to be fully present in the happiness of your day. Jess did this so so well!

Lastly, the team Jess and Dean put together for their weekday wedding was a great one! As you get to the end of their photos below, I will have a list of all the vendors they used as well as links to those vendors’ websites. Check it out if you’re on the hunt for someone in your own wedding planning. You really can’t go wrong with any of these!

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Vendors used by Jessica & Dean:

Assistant Photographers: Skylights Photography & Cyd Weeks Photography

Venue: Marblegate Farm

Coordinator: Courtney Taylor Event Planning

Videographer: Scruffy Weddings

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Cake: Heidi’s Home Cooking

DJ: Music in Motion – Corey Ozair

Hair & Makeup: Ellie Michel

Wedding Dress: Lillian Ruth Bride

Wedding Dress Designer: Wtoo by Watters

Bridesmaids Dresses: Birdy Grey

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Stationery: Minted

Caterer: All Occasion Catering

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