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Wedding Planning 101: Hiring a Videographer

Should you Hire a Videographer or Not?

The very first vendor you should reserve after you’ve gotten engaged and chosen your date is your venue. For the most part, each venue only hosts one wedding a day and getting that location secured first should be your number one priority. After you’ve secured the location, your photographer should be next. Especially if you’re picky when it comes to photography styles because photographers will start booking their calendars up anywhere from 6 months to 18 months in advance. It is different for everyone, but personally, dates are taken about 9-12 months in advance on average. The next vendor that should be on your list to reserve, if you’ve chosen to hire one, is a videographer. Some videographers have teams, but if you’re looking to hire the owner/main videographer, you’ll want to inquire early to ensure they have your date open.

But this is not a blog written about when to book what vendors. The purpose of this blog is to explain the difference between photos and videos and why you should actually have both.

When I started shooting weddings almost 11 years ago, I had never worked with a videographer. Like, ever. When I got married in 2013, there were maybe 5 wedding videographers to choose from in all of Knoxville. I super regret it, but I didn’t hire any of those 5 videographers. When my couples come to me asking if they should hire a videographer, my first response to them is yes. If you have the budget to hire any videographer, I make my top 5 recommendations and say yes, yes, yes. If they tell me they don’t really have the budget for it but they want to hire one, I’ll still give my list of names, and I also tell them if they are unable to hire a videographer for the day, to at least hire one for ceremony coverage. There is just something about getting to watch yourself marry the love of your life, hear each other recite vows again, watch your first married kiss, and see your joy as you walk back down the aisle. I wish so badly I had our ceremony recorded somewhere so I could watch this and show my kids. It would be great to have a highlight reel of our whole day, but the thing I REALLY long for is hearing us say our vows. Watching Dustin tear up as I walked down the aisle. A memory burned into my brain forever and ever and can tell our kiddos but having them witness it for themselves would have been magical.

So many people think if they have a photographer, they don’t need a videographer. So, let me explain to you how these media are different. How you experience them is completely different. One of the really cool things about photos is they invoke a memory. A snapshot in time that triggers a memory in your brain around that snapshot, and you can relive it or retell it as often as you want without having to do anything extra. When different people look at the same photograph, they experience different memories and tell different stories. Two people present for the same snapshot will hold different words to tell, which is one of the most beautiful things of photos. In comparison to a photo, a video shares so much more straight from the media. There is less room for interpretation of a moment because you watch the whole moment unfold right before your eyes. Instead of hearing different stories surrounding a snapshot, you just watch the whole story unfold. You get to hear the words that were said, the actions taken, the emotion shared. It leaves nothing to the imagination. Having a video of your day will help you relive it exactly how it happened for the rest of your life. It allows you to share it with your children and grandchildren exactly how it happened. Instead of having to share stories and pass them down through generations, you just get your video out and let them watch for themselves.

You use photos to decorate the walls of your home. Just walking by you can easily glance at an image and relive a moment you loved. In our home, we have a huge gallery wall going up our stairs. It’s full of monumental life moments like having babies, but also full of little, seemingly insignificant moments, too. Like going to the Peter Kern library to get drinks for the first time. We love looking at these photos, showing guests these photos, and especially when the kids ask questions about them as we carry them up and down the stairs. Our walls are full of memories we relive regularly.

Videos are great because they go everywhere with you. Instead of surrounding yourself with them everywhere in your home, you carry them with you on your devices everywhere you go. It’s easy to bring them out to revisit a memory anywhere you are, with any person you’re visiting, and in any situation. Sharing your wedding day has never been easier with a video, which is especially important during COVID times. So many elderly missed out on being physically present for their family’s big moments, but with one video, they can feel like they were a part of the day.

Photographers and videographers do not replace one another, but complement one another. If you can swing it, I would say hire both. If you can’t do both, pick one to splurge on, and then, budget on the other one with the most basic service you can afford. When choosing these vendors, however, the one thing you want to consider is how well they work together. It’s vitally important these two vendors work well together. Otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot more time having photos taken and video taken on your wedding day than you’d like. It’s possible to do it at the same time and be efficient as long as the photographer’s and videographer’s styles align. Most of the time they do, but not always. The best way to make sure is to ask whichever one you hire first who they recommend. In this case, I’m going to give you my recommendations below! This is not a complete list. There are others in Knoxville I’ve enjoyed working with. But to keep it relatively small and not too overwhelming, I’m starting with these 8!

  1. Colling Films: Phil is one of my favorites. You will be spending more for us as a team, but we make one AMAZING team. Book us both and you have the dream team! He is based out of Nashville while I’m based out of Knoxville, but both of us are willing to travel to each of our cities and love working together. Our styles are insanely similar and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be absolutely thrilled with the results!
  2. Sweet Tea Productions: Tammy with Sweet Tea Productions is so sweet! She is a seasoned videographer with TONS of experience. She offers a custom built package to suit whatever need you have and is so good to work with!
  3. Wildwood Media: I have a special relationship with Jen who owns Wildwood Media with her husband. I met her years ago and we immediately became such good friends. She is a woman after God’s own heart and truly shines such a beautiful light. I love working with her!
  4. Milestone Pictures: I work with Nate & Spencer, brother’s who own Milestone Pictures, all the time. Almost every wedding I shoot at Castleton Farms is shot with them by my side. They are an amazing team that I work so well with. You will love them and love your video from them!
  5. Haven Media: I’ve only worked with Haven a couple times, but that’s all it took for me to know he’s both great to work with and his clients love him!
  6. Rellek Films: I referred Tommy for years before I ever actually got to work with him because every Knoxville Photographer I know raves about him. Plus his work is fantastic! When I finally did get to work with him, I felt the exact same way as everyone else… great guy, great to work with and great product!
  7. Garden Photography Films: The thing I loved most about working with Garden Photo/Film is how she was SUPER efficient with shooting while I was shooting. She got a TON of footage just by letting me do my thing while she got exactly what she needed! Loved her and loved the video she gave to the couple!
  8. Young Videography: Matt is such a wonderful guy. I noticed right off the bat that he was great at connecting with his couples. He was also super easy to work with and makes great videos!

So that’s all I’ve got for you guys! If theres more info you’d like, shoot me an email at!


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