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The White Room Newborn || Gabe Beeson

The White Room Studio Newborn Session

Sweet little Gabe has joined the Beeson family, and I got to capture their very first photoshoot at The White Room in West Knoxville. For those of you who don’t follow my story, my husband and I have three kids. Their ages right now are 7, 4, and 2. The 2 year old is still very much in diapers and regularly wakes up at 5:45am. We are not yet far enough removed from the “no sleep” era of parenting that we long for another baby. So, these newborn sessions are the best. I get to cuddle a sweet babe for a couple hours. Hear their squeaks and watch their little smiles flicker across their cheeks. I can’t help but smile when they stretch out and yawn really big. Or the little sneezes. My word, they’re so precious. It’s the other parts of the newborn phase I struggle with. I do not do well going on just a couple hours of sleep. I don’t miss the juggle of a newborn + a toddler + giant, painful boobs + healing from literally having a baby days ago. The unbalanced hormones and the hair loss. It is hard, ya’ll. Parenting is hard. The Lord is so gracious to allow us to forget all those hard things. Or to make the reward of the baby SO great it makes those hard things seem not so hard when they’re in the rearview mirror. But once you’ve decided your family is complete, He somehow allows you to remember the hard parts as to keep you on track that you’re family is in fact done. It may seem strange when people say, “You’ll know when you’re done.” To the person who has not yet experienced that, it’s impossible to understand or believe. Just like before you begin growing your family people say, “Don’t wait until you’re ready because you’ll never be ready.” There is just something about the knowing part, and if you are sitting in the unsure phase, it probably means you’re not done yet 😉

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