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The Press Room || Knoxville, TN || Brenna & Ryan

Brenna & Ryan’s Sunny August Wedding at The Press Room

Brenna and Ryan planned their wedding at The Press Room for 28 months. T-W-E-N-T-Y-E-I-G-H-T months, you guys. Can you imagine the giant feeling of relief when it finally happened after 2 years and 4 months of planning? After three postponements? I would say it feels a lot like the time I got my final “passed” notification on the CPA exam. It’s like you can finally breathe. You can finally celebrate. You can finally let all your hopes fly high as the sky with no fear of them being crushed.

Even after 28 months of planning, their wedding day was officially the first day I met Brenna and Ryan. Brenna’s smile is literally the best thing on the planet. You’ve heard people described as “lighting up the room” with their sweet smile, but Brenna takes that phrase to a whole other level. She lights up the room, the rest of the building, and a 30 mile radius around where she’s standing with her big, contagious smile. And her little giggle. It’s the sweetest, and I’m not even sure she knows it’s happening. which makes it that much more beautiful.

At multiple points in the day, I caught Brenna’s dad just slowly looking around fighting back tears. Right before their first look, I told him how it would unfold, and he just looked at me and said, “I don’t know where this emotion is coming from?? I’ve done this already (Brenna and Ryan did a small intimate ceremony back in 2020 to officially get married before their big celebration last weekend). She’s already married to him. Why am I getting so emotional?? I’ve got to get a handle on this.” It was so sweet and so precious to see him experiencing these emotions. He continued to talk about how Brenna is just the sweetest human, how wonderful of a person she is, how wonderful of a person Ryan is, and how they are just so happy and love each other so much. It’s everything you could ever ask for for your daughter. It was super emotional and super sweet and a conversation I will never ever forget.

Also, this is completely unrelated to the paragraph above, but I have to share. The blue Beetle Brenna and Ryan drove away in belongs to a local girl in high school. After 28 months of planning, the multitudes of getaway cars they tried to line up just kept falling through. It wasn’t until the week of the wedding that Brenna and her mom saw that little Beetle sitting in a parking lot and left a note on it’s windshield offering to pay the owner if they would come pick them up from their wedding at 11:30pm Saturday and drive them to their hotel. To their surprise, the girl texted them, and said she would do it! It might be the cutest getaway car I’ve ever seen, and what a fun story of how they got it!


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Ceremony: St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral

Reception: The Press Room

Florist: LB Floral

Cake: B&G Catering – Regina Long

DJ: Special Notes

Hair & Makeup: Bat ‘N Rouge Beauty

Wedding Dress: Lillian Ruth Bride

Wedding Dress Designer: Watters

Bridesmaids Dresses: JJ’s House

Men’s Attire: Menguin

Stationery: The Happy Envelope

Linens: White Table

Alterations: The Perfect Fit

Event Design: Above the Rest

Second Photographer: Morgan Hayley Photography


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