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Farmhouse || Knoxville, TN || Cadence Clark is 6 Months

6 Month Session with a View of House Mountain

Cadence is 6 months old and is an absolute beauty. There’s no doubt this girl loves to be outside. We were having a hard time getting her to smile when we were in her nursery at the beginning. Then as soon as we went outside, all of a sudden the smiles started rolling. I know this age can be unpredictable as to whether you’re going to get a smile or not. Whether you’re even going to get a happy baby to be perfectly honest. And every parent wants the smile. They see it all the time and they want to preserve it professionally and want to share it with others. And I want that for every parent too but sometimes, at this age it just doesn’t happen. But not in Cadence’s case. The girl just loves being outside.

She also loves her puppy Koda too. I swear you guys, he was the best dog. Just as 6 month olds can be unpredictable, dogs… or pets general… are SO unpredictable. We shoot for the best and plan for the worst. As we went outside, Koda doesn’t have to be on a leash or anything. We started shooting and no joke, he came up right beside Kari… stood right by her leg, turned and looked at me and if dogs could smile, the sweet thing had a smile on his face. A few shots later he walked right up and laid down in front of them… it was pretty incredible.

I’m so thankful this family had me out to their BEAUTIFUL property! Their amazing farmhouse just finished a few months ago and it was an absolute pleasure to get to see it and shoot there! They have two amazing views… one of house mountain and one of clinch mountain. There were no powerlines blocking their view or other houses or big huge roads… just pretty landscapes. I joked when I got there that I’m glad I didn’t bring Dustin with me because he would have listed our house for sale the next day if he’d known that’s what he could have just 25 minutes further into the country from where we are now 😂. Me, on the other hand, would die with out 30 second access to the interstate 😂.

I am excited though, I am going to start a gallery of my landscape and travel images for people to purchase as prints to hang in their homes. One of the views of their mountains was so incredible, it might be added into that gallery and I’ll be sharing it publicly here soon!


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