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Spence Cabin Engagement || Knoxville, TN || Lesley & Tom

Spence Cabin Engagement

I met Lesley and Tom for the first time at their Spence Cabin engagement session. Even though I was 15 minutes early, they were already there when I arrived. “I love them already,” I thought to myself because I always appreciate a good early arrival. Lesley and Tom moved to Sevierville from Chicago a couple years ago. They got a big piece of land out in the country and are living their best lives. Hearing them talk about it and watching their faces light up lets me know just how grateful they are to be in Tennessee now. With space to be free and listen to the crickets and look up at the stars. For almost their entire session, they both would kick their shoes off as soon as I would get them to the spot we would be shooting. Preferring to be barefoot showed me even more how much they love the outdoors and being in nature. About 2/3 of the way through our shoot, we were walking up the trail and passed another set of hikers that warned us about a mama and baby bear up the trail a little further. Some of my couples would have turned around right then and there, but Lesley and Tom smiled and kept walking. These are my people. Nature is a healing place for me. Especially in the thick of the mountains like where we were for this Spence Cabin engagement session. It could be the tiniest of healing from a busy schedule or a stressful day. Or a refuge for big healing like when my dad died. It could be healing I didn’t even know I needed until I got there and felt the pressure just lift and disappear. We talked about this during our transition times and were on the same page. Lesley and Tom left the hustle and bustle of Chicago and found their own healing and refuge right outside these Smoky Mountains. How beautiful a picture it is that they are now getting married here. I’m so happy for them and oh so honored to be their photographer come September!

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