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Foothills Parkway Engagement || Knoxville, TN || Bridget & Michael

Foothills Parkway Engagement Session

Michael proposed to Bridget on the Foothills Parkway so what better location for an engagement session than the spot where they made this thing official in the first place?! They went to the exact pull off and dropped me a pin to meet them there. It was a huge boulder randomly placed right beside the sidewalk where Michael dropped to one knee. The mountain peaks were behind them, and Bridget said yes as it began raining on them. Their engagement session started out in that same spot but in the sunshine. I’m not kidding you when I say that 5 minutes in we heard thunder. We laughed because the skies were as clear as can be, and it was absolutely beautiful outside. We must have heard something else. No way was it thunder. Then, we started driving to the next pull off, and right around the corner came a massive thunderstorm. Pouring rain so thick we couldn’t see the mountains behind it. Lightning coming down, thunder booming. At the same time, the sun was shining on the opposite side. We outran the storm to our next spot, shot a little bit as it got closer and closer to us, hopped back in the car, and outran it again to our next spot. This time we got a teeny tiny rainbow in the background so that was fun. We rushed through all the poses, all the spots, going 90 miles an hour trying to finish before it came a downpour, and we did. Whew. Just in time, too, because once we got back in our cars and headed home it was a MASSIVE storm; branches down, debris everywhere, driving 25 mph and still couldn’t see the lines on the road. It was so worth it. I am OBSESSED with these two and how freaking cute they are! Also impressed because Bridget did 3 outfit changes in a matter of 45 minutes.

P.S. We got all these shots in a time frame of 45 minutes, 3 different pull offs, and 3 outfits. I’m pretty impressed with us.

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