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In Home Newborn Session || Knoxville, TN || Graham Neubauer

Graham’s In Home Newborn Session

This little nugget is so stinking adorable. I was welcomed into the Neubauer home a few days after Graham was born to document his newborn photos. Before I shoot a newborn session, I always send instructions to the parents on how the morning should go to have a cooperative baby. Like perfect students, Lisa and Adam followed them flawlessly. They had the heat turned up in their house to 74 degrees, had bath time and awake time leading up to my arrival, and fed Graham as soon as I got there. He, of course, got milk drunk, passed out, and went right into his newborn session like a champ. I maneuvered him all over his room in different swaddles, different positions, and he hardly even stirred.

Many times, newborn clients of mine will say, “You’re such a baby whisperer.” Trust me, guys, I’m not that magical. I just know the tips and tricks leading up to a newborn session to wear baby out enough to pass out for me. As parents, however, you can’t live in that state. You can’t follow those directions all the time and always have a deeply passed out baby for every nap or every bed time. If you could, I wouldn’t have had a baby that didn’t sleep through the night until she was 18 months old. Please, Jesus, don’t let that be the case with baby Evelyn!

I had such a wonderful time with baby Graham and am excited to share his newborn photos with you!


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