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Forks of the River Senior || Knoxville, TN || Duncan McAdams

Forks of the River Senior Session

I know Duncan’s mom, which is why I shot his Forks of the River senior session. I had never met Duncan or his sister Azlyn (fairly certain I’m not spelling her name right! Sorry, Az!), but I could see their momma in them as soon as I did. It made me so so happy. The woman is incredible, and although I’ve never met her husband, I know he’s incredible, too, because they raised two AMAZING children.

I have had a lot of interactions with high schoolers lately. Not necessarily through Amanda May Photos because honestly, I’ve only done a total of three senior sessions in the last 6 months, but through church, mentor programs, baby sitters, etc. It hurts my heart when I see them conform to society’s idea of what “cool kids” look like. Instead of blossoming into their own person, all of their likes and dislikes, words, decisions, and actions are influenced by the “cool kid” description their peers and media have defined. I know they will eventually come to who they are, but it could take years. Eventually, they will look back and think, “Who even was that person?” Although, probably not until their 30s. What I saw in Duncan and Azlyn, however, was two siblings who KNOW who they are. How have they already figured this out at such a young age? They are bold and confident in who they are. Proud and unafraid of any judgment they may receive because they are just them, which puts them on a whole other level of cool in my book.

They are probably totally and completely unaware of this incredible feat they have both conquered at such a young age. Seeing them know who they are, be respectful, and have insane aspirations while also having fun with life gives me so much hope for my babies. It shifted my prayers for my kids’ future. I went home and told Dustin that is what I want for our kids. For them to be as unaffected as possible by stereotypes our culture will try to force on them, and for them to confidently develop into who they are supposed to be at a young age. Never looking back on their lives thinking, “Who was that person?” Well, that is a portion of what I want for our kids. First, I pray they know the God that is in the Bible. That they have a yearning for His word and to know Him intimately. Then, the other stuff.

I could gush and gush about how awesome Duncan and Azlyn are, and I could gush about how awesome their momma is. Seriously, gush for days. But I know you probably just want to get to the beautiful photos. So, I’ll stop and let you scroll. Just know my heart for them is so so big.


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