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3 Month Session || Maryville, TN || Ensworth Family

3 Month Session at the Park

I literally cracked up when Catherine reached out to me to schedule this Maryville 3 month session. She said, “I swore I wouldn’t be this mom doing professional photos of my baby every three months, but oh my goodness, he’s growing so fast. I just need to schedule a shoot with you, please!” I could immediately relate. Before I had Grayson, I SWORE I wasn’t going to do x-y-and-z, and sure enough, I found myself doing all the x-y-and-z’ing shamelessly. So with Hazel, I just embraced it. Yup…I’m probably going to do that and that and that because I can’t help it, and instead of wasting energy pretending like I’m going to fight it, I just succumbed early and confessed I did in fact do all the ridiculous things a professional photographer does with their kids. The lipstick kisses. The strawberry baths. The bows upon bows upon bows. ALL the little shoes and dresses and bowties. It’s fine. It was so worth it, and I don’t regret one second of it!

So, I’m happy Catherine succumbed and let me shoot her little family because they are precious. I got to shot this session on Wednesday of last week. Ya know, that day it was 70 and sunshine-y all day long. I also got to shoot them with my new camera and was LOVING that!

Here we are. The cutest little Maryville 3 month session live for you to swoon over these chubby cheeks and pretty light.

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