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Lakeshore Park || Carsen & Bennett Engagement

A Beautiful, Sunny Lakeshore Park Engagement Session

I don’t know if you’ve been to Lakeshore Park recently, but it has transformed over the last 3-5 years. I remember people asking me to photograph there pre-transformation, and while I thought it was pretty, I never offered it up as a location option to clients. Now, it is a totally different setting, and it is STUNNING! So much variety, and so many pretty landscaped areas with fresh blooms. Not only did I get to shoot Carsen and Bennett’s engagement session here, but I also get to shoot their wedding here in September. I am totally stoked!

The thing I noticed about Carsen and Bennett at their Lakeshore Park engagement session was how effortless their love is. There’s no need for perfection or flawlessness from each other to show love. They just meet each other exactly where they are and love wholeheartedly. They aren’t in it to fill their own cup up, but rather to fill one another’s cup up. I’m not sure exactly what it was that showed me this at their Lakeshore Park engagement, as we were only together for about an hour, but there’s just something about these two that makes it so easy. They are full of life and joy and kindness. They both share a passion for the Lord that is so abundant in their language and attitude. I truly loved my time with them and am literally obsessed with their engagement photos. There was no prettier light in all of Knoxville on this evening. It was sheer beauty.

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