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Castleton Farms || Laura & AJ Engagement

A Castleton Farms Sunrise Session + A Little Rain

Okay, you guys, AJ’s story is about to blow your mind. I did ask permission to share a little bit of his journey on here, and he said I could. I realize I don’t even know half the story he and his parents and Laura have walked. I probably don’t even know 5% of it. But what little I learned at their Castleton Farms engagement session, I have to share because cancer is a scary thing, and his story might just bring someone out there a little bit of peace.

As a child, AJ was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg. I learned this because in one of the poses I asked Laura to sit on his leg, and she made the comment that she couldn’t sit on one leg, but she could sit on the other. She dropped in a little nugget about him having a metal rod in his leg. Naturally I ask what happened. Then he tells me… he had cancer. I can’t remember the exact way they found it, but it was not because he was symptomatic. He went to the doctor for something completely different and left with a cancer diagnosis. After trying to treat it for some time, the hospital he was at all but told him there was no hope. He had a 7% chance of living and there was just no way. But AJ and his parents were not here for that answer. They flew him to another hospital where after a few scans they realized the cancer was GONE. What??? Yeah, gone. He had some post treatments and a few surgeries. It came back one time in his lungs but they got it out quickly and with clean margins. But he is in remission and is GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! Laura described him as being her miracle person. You hear these stories all the time. About some miraculous, divine intervention where the cancer or the disease or the ailment is just gone. Vanished. But I have never crossed paths with someone with a story like that. It’s powerful, you guys. And the beauty in it all is that Laura and AJ and the family tribute this miracle to Jesus. It is a testimony unlike any other and it can literally move mountains. Actually, I think moving a mountain might be easier than surviving a 7% chance of life as a kid with bone cancer.

Truly such a privilege to capture such a sweet season of life for these two. How much more appreciative they are to be getting married when AJ could have already left this Earth years ago.

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