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Lakeshore Park Engagement || Pamela & Neal

A Wintry Engagement Session at Lakeshore Park

Leading up to Pamela and Neal’s wintry engagement session at Lakeshore Park, the forecast did not look good. Pamela texted me a few days before and said, “Soooo…what do we do if it rains?” Since the forecast in East TN is so unreliable, I told her let’s wait and check it the day before. At that point, it looked like all the rain should be moving out that morning, and we would have all afternoon totally dry. After checking it again the morning of their session, it was the same, and I didn’t check it again because I assumed we were in the clear.

The day was dreary with heavy clouds, but that is what winter generally looks like around here so again, I didn’t think about it. I left the house and get 5 minutes away from Lakeshore Park when it starts sprinkling on my car. Seriously???? Thank GOODNESS I had packed my clear umbrellas JUST IN CASE. I got there and gave Pamela all her options. Go forward with the session and just use covered areas/umbrellas. Reschedule for a date in January sometime. Embrace it, and just get wet. They chose option one, and thankfully they did because it wasn’t 10 minutes into the session that it stopped raining completely, and didn’t rain the rest of the time. Shew.

Pamela and Neal are super chill and laidback people. They weren’t going to let a little drizzle stop them from getting this item checked off their list! We hit all the special places for them including the spot where Neal proposed to Pamela. I love it when couples integrate sentimental locations into their engagement session!

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