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Foothills Parkway Maternity || Knoxville, TN || The Neubauers

Foothills Parkway Maternity

We had one of the most beautiful days to shoot the Neubauers’ Foothills Parkway maternity session. The skies were clear, the sun was out, and Lisa was absolutely glowing. Maternity sessions always feel like engagement sessions to me except we emphasize a baby bump instead of a ring. Lots of belly holding instead of resting foreheads together, and lots of talk on what it is like in those last few weeks of preparing to become parents instead of husband and wife. As I asked Lisa and Adam about nursery details and baby names and potential induction dates, I could tell by the sound of their voices and the looks on their faces that they are so ready.

You know the phrase, “Never wait until you’re ready to start a family because you’ll never be ready.” That is so true. Yet somewhere along the way after you finally pull the trigger, your heart and your mind and your soul just become ready. That’s not to say you have it all figured out and know exactly what to expect and do, but your heart is ready for the adventure. And these two had it. It was precious, and it even got me excited to welcome our third little one.

I have caught myself so many times almost forgetting I am pregnant. That we are going to have ANOTHER baby in the house. That Hazel isn’t going to be our youngest. Life is just so stinking busy right now, and there are so many moving pieces that I just get so distracted and forget I’m well over halfway through his pregnancy. Then, conversations like the ones I had with Lisa and Adam happen, and they pull me back to reality. I refocus on what December holds for us, and I am excited. I am so excited to see my sweet boy love on this new baby in a whole different 4 year old way that his 2 year old self wasn’t capable of when we brought Hazel home. I’m excited to see Hazel freak out over having a real live “bebe” in the house like she does every time we pass one at the grocery store. Even after two other kids, it’s still an adventure, and an adventure I am ready for.


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