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Maryville College || Foothills Parkway || Engagement Session || Michelle & Austin

Maryville College & Foothills Parkway Engagement Session

Meet Michelle and Austin. They are literally one of the most laid back couples I’ve ever had. Every time I asked them what they wanted to do, their response was always, “Whatever you think is best!” Talk about making a photographer feel good. These responses mean we already trust you, whatever you think is best is what will look best and that’s what we want! Usually, engagement sessions for me are spent building the trust. It’s one of the reasons I offer them complimentary in all of my collections. I want that time to build trust with my couples. All this trust building we do then turns into confidence on the wedding day. You roll with all of my suggestions because you know I’m going to make you look good. I’m making those small tweaks and moving you an inch that way, and it’s not annoying because you know it’s worth it. You know what you’re going to get in return is going to be GORGEOUS, and you do it gladly. With Michelle and Austin at their Maryville College and Foothills Parkway engagement session, however, I didn’t even have to build that trust. They just started off trusting me, and it was glorious.

Both Michelle and Austin went to Maryville College. Hence the reason we shot there. They graduated a couple years ago and are now using their degrees in full time careers. I couldn’t imagine entering the workforce during the last couple years. It’s just been crazy. But I can tell they have done it gracefully as they described their jobs to me. If this is any sign of how graceful and trustful they are going to be on their wedding day in 2022, then I know it’s going to be a REALLY great one!


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