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Concord Park || Admiral Park || Taylor & Andrew Engagement

An Engagement Session on the Lake

I met Taylor and Andrew at The Cove at Concord Park to kick off their engagement session. Now that the blooms are slowly trickling into the different areas of Knoxville, I got there a little early to scout out if we would have any fresh florals to shoot with. While there weren’t any colors or flowering trees, there was greenery we used to bring life into their photos. I was still on the hunt for those pretty spring blooms though. Instead of sticking to The Cove for their entire session, I asked if they wanted to go to Admiral Park. They agreed, and about half way through, we hopped in our cars. What should have been an 8 minute drive turned into a 25 minute drive. Apparently, there was a wreck that totally shut down both sides of the road. We rerouted, and while I hate that someone had a wreck, I’m thankful for the reroute because there was a blooming cherry tree at the entrance of a subdivision. So, I pulled over, and we took some photos there. It was a split second decision that involved turning around, pulling over with our flashers on, and unknowingly holding up traffic. When I turned around, I realized there was a huge truck laughing at me geeking out over this gorgeous tree. Seriously so worth it though, and you’ll see a pop of gorgeous blossoms halfway through this session. I honestly could have shot their entire session at this tree if we weren’t totally disrupting the flow of traffic.

Beyond grateful for Taylor and Andrew to roll with my craziness of whipping our cars around and pulling into a random neighborhood to get a few sweet photos with that pretty tree.

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