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Branding Photos for Brittany Conner Team || Maple Grove Estate

Branding Photos for Brittany Conner Photo & Her Team

Brittany Conner and I have been friends for a long time. I don’t even really remember the first time we met because even at that first interaction, it felt like we had already been friends for years. We have talked business ideas together, we’ve had babies at the same time, we’ve taught up-and-coming photographers together, we’ve photographed each other, and we’ve supported each other’s businesses over the years. When she asked me to do some branding photos for her team, I got so excited. Brittany and I operate very similarly when it comes to our businesses. Both of us have experienced what it’s like for the Lord to bring other women into our circle that we can team with to serve our couples better. The way the women come together and the way their personalities all blend is quite amazing. While they are all so different and unique, they fit together like a puzzle. Each one carrying just the right strength and skill set to complete the group. Seeing them interact and laugh together was such a blessing for me. It may be business that brought them together, but it is lifetime friendships that will keep them together. When you’re looking through these photos, you’ll probably think to yourself were they really having this much fun?? The answer is yes. Yes, we were. Who knew branding photos could be this much fun??

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