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Baxter Gardens Engagement || Knoxville, TN || Samantha & Josh

Baxter Gardens Engagement Session with Samantha & Josh

at baxter gardens

I have yet another Baxter Gardens session to bring to you guys this evening, and I’m totally not mad about it. The word is officially out, you guys. In years past, I hardly had any issue doing whatever spot whenever I wanted it on weekdays. There were definitely people there, but usually no more than 20 cars. This year, however, no matter the day of the week, it was packed every single time. This year, they added new parking areas so people had plenty of space, and oh my word, it was ALWAYS filled. I’m talking 4 different parking levels. Actually, maybe five?? They were so filled that people would resort to parallel parking along the drive in because they just wanted to see the place. It’s like it went viral this year. I’m sure any time now, Mr. Baxter is going to start charging admission because holy cow. But I get it. It’s GORGEOUS. It is the most beautiful garden in Knoxville in the spring time. There are SO many amazing spots for photos, and since it’s only open one month a year, it makes it even more appealing.

Regardless, we spent 2.5 hours walking around this gorgeous garden because there are just so many spots. I love Samantha and Josh so much because they are adorable. Josh helped Sam pick out her first outfit, and when she changed, I heard him say how much he loved her second dress. Seriously, could they get any cuter? At one point, I was talking to her about hair products, and Josh was genuinely listening and chiming in. I couldn’t help but notice that he is just one of those people that cares. He cares about the conversation. He cares about the outfit. He cares about the hair product. He brought her flowers the morning of their session to celebrate that they were getting to do engagement photos that evening. And she adores him. The way she looks at him and cuddles up to him. And she values his opinion. She wanted to know what he thought about her outfit. She remembered to bring one of the roses to the session with them, too. We even used it for a petal toss at the end.

I am 100% certain you are going to love this couple as much as I do! Scroll on to see the cuteness!

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