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Meads Quarry || Hadley 9 Months

9 Month Session at Meads Quarry

Little Hadley is 9 months old. When I reached out to her mom to confirm her 9 month Meads Quarry session, she said, “I’m so excited for these because she has so many Hadley-isms that I can’t wait for you to photograph.” That is literally why I love doing the milestone sessions. These babies grow so fast and are changing so quickly. Even just from the 6 month to 9 month session, they have so many new facial expressions and things they do. My personal favorite Hadley-ism is her nose scrunch. When she smiles really big, she does this little nose scrunch that is to DIE for. She did this thing where she holds both hands up in the air before crashing them down onto the rock beside her. Over and over again, and it was so stinking cute.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a 100 more times. I love this family. They are so precious and considerate, and honestly, I love catching up with them just as much as I love documenting these milestones for them! We were discussing what Hadley’s 12 month photos should be themed because with her last daughter we did a watermelon themed party, and it was super cute. We tossed around maybe popsicles or another fruit of some kind. I don’t know yet, but whatever it is, I know it’s going to be so cute!

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