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6 Month Lifestyle || Knoxville, TN || Kairyn Burton

6 Month Lifestyle Session

This is a Burton family 6 month lifestyle series session with baby Kairyn. He may only be 6 months old, but he has more hair than my 14 month old and almost as much as my 3.5 year old ha! He’s the most adorable little man, and he’s so deeply loved by all of his sisters. I’ve taken enough Burton family series portraits for you to know what to expect. Morgan has done a set of posing since her first was born, and she gets it at every session so she can compare the shots over the years. After we get the necessary poses, we do a few freestyle ones of just the girls playing or Kai sitting on the bed. But this time was different. This time after finishing the core poses, the big girls escorted me to their basement where there is a magical play land. Seriously. You have got to scroll to the end to see this for yourself. This session started out as a 6 month lifestyle session, but it turned into play time because this room is just incredible. Morgan and Tophor took a bunk bed and made it into a castle. They built a Farmer’s Market stand and a little farmhouse cottage. They have an ice cream stand and a ball pit. There are little pedal cars with a road to drive on. A picnic area, a flower stand, and a swing for baby Kai. It is so magical and is any little kid’s dream come true. Morgan is the design expert at The Quarry venue, and if nothing else persuades you of just how awesome she is at this skill, this basement will do it.

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