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Fort Sanders Fresh 48 || Olivia Humphrey

A Sweet Fresh 48 Session at Fort Sanders Hospital

Introducing sweet Olivia’s fresh 48 session. There are some names you know are classic because they have never skipped a generation. Names like Caroline, Emily, Ava, and of course, Olivia. I have friends my age that have these names, I have photographed newborns with these names, and I know grandparents with these names. They are just timeless. I love talking names. Funny enough, when we got pregnant with Grayson, we had our girl name picked out before we ever had our boy name. If he had been a girl, his name would have been Evelyn. When we got pregnant the second time, and it was a girl, the easy answer was to name her Evelyn. We had already chosen and loved that name. A couple months after agreeing to that, however, I looked at Dustin and said, “She’s not an Evelyn. I really don’t think her name is Evelyn. I think it’s Hazel. Hazel May.” I couldn’t explain it, but I knew it in my bones. Sure enough, Hazel with her red hair and blue eyes is SUCH a Hazel May. We finally used Evelyn when our third was a girl, and Evelyn is SUCH an Evelyn. It’s funny how God whispers these things in our ears with no rhyme or reason, and then when it all plays out, it makes the most sense it could ever make.

I have no clue why I shared all of that in Olivia’s fresh 48 blog post, but there it is. In case you missed Olivia’s maternity session, you can view it here! In just a few days, I get to come back and take Olivia’s newborn photos at her house in her gorgeous nursery. I am so thankful Sarah and Justin have chosen me to capture this sweet season for them. It is so incredibly precious getting to watch a family grow. Something I know I will grow fonder and fonder of as I leave that season of life. Snuggling your babies for their fresh 48 sessions and their newborn sessions will be how I get my baby fix as Evelyn gets older and older. Savor this season, my sweet friends. It is so fleeting.

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