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Foothills Parkway || Knoxville, TN || Logan Family

Smoky Mountain Family Session on the Foothills Parkway

I met the Logan family on the Foothills Parkway at sunrise one morning for a Smoky Mountain family session. The only problem was it was the first week it had rained in a long time, and we woke up the next morning to super dense fog. Fog so dense it completely blocked our view of the mountains. I arrived just before the family did and watched the fog roll in and out of the mountain ranges. One minute they would be semi-visible, and the next they were completely blocked again. When the Logan family arrived, the view was completely blocked. I was hopeful the fog would move fast, and we would get another few minutes with the view again. This time, however, the fog stuck. So instead of getting that epic view, we did a wooded backdrop and some winding road shots that are still absolutely beautiful. As much as I hate the fog stole our crazy Smoky Mountain view, it did bring a level of beauty in and of itself. I hope the Logan family enjoys these photos as much as I did. These children were entirely too cute. Even though I acted like a total fool to try and get them to smile, I think I won them over in the end 😂

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