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Foothills Parkway Engagement || Great Smoky Mountain National Park || Ashley & Jordan

Foothills Parkway Engagement

Oh my goodness. Do you remember that day last week that it hit 60 degrees and the sun was showing off and all was right in the world? Yeah. That’s the day that Ashley and Jordan chose to do their Foothills Parkway engagement session. To say that I was thankful for getting to actually use once-in-a-million perfect January weather to create some really incredible engagement photos is such an understatement. I am beyond grateful. These random warm days always happen on the evenings that I don’t have a shoot scheduled and it leaves me wishing I had a reason to have my camera out. But not this time. This time I was perched on top of a giant mountain on the Foothills Parkway overlooking an insane view with two beautiful people. My heart is overflowing you guys.

Ashley and Jordan are such a fun couple. I love that they totally just trusted me with their entire session. When we were discussing locations, Ashley mentioned wanting mountain views. It sounds crazy to say this, but a good mountain view that doesn’t come with some giant logistical hurdle is hard to come by. Whether that is losing cell service, tourists everywhere, having to ride a skylift to get to it, parking situations, private property, it costing an additional fee… whatever it is, there’s always usually something. But not on this random Tuesday at the end of January on the Foothills Parkway. We had absolutely no hurdles come up. Unless you want to count the cars that seem to come out of nowhere when I took them to shoot in the middle of the road (safely, might I add). But really, that’s nothing. It was just so smooth. Effortless even. And if this is a tell tale sign of what their wedding day is going to be like in October, I am HERE FOR IT you guys! REALLY freaking here for it.

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