1) I was super tom-boy growing up. Like did not have a girl bone in my body until 8th grade. It was then that I found mascara and a way to wear my hair down.

2) Dustin and I used to go to the movie theater at least once a week when we were in college. These were the days that a matinee showing was still $5.

3) As tom-boy as I was when I was little, I thought the coolest job ever was being a beautician... although I hated stray wet hairs on my hands... makes sense right?

4) I was one of the very few babies born with strawberry blonde hair. It changed to blonde somewhere in my early days, but I'm so jealous of natural strawberry blondes out there.

5) Growing up, my mom always told me that my freckles were angel kisses. I sincerely believed this at far too old of an age... I'm totally not that gullible anymore!

6) I'm a total sucker for the city. If I had not met my amazing husband, I probably would be living in NYC right now. I wouldn't trade my reality for anything though.

7) My green thumb is the opposite of green. I cannot keep a plant alive, it's rather sad. I've killed 3 orchids, a cactus, and 4 succulents in my day.

8) I find my most amazing inspiration by just being still in nature. I usually come home from camping trips with a mile long to do list.

9) I have 2 half brothers, 1 step sister, and 4 sister-n-laws... but I've only ever shared a home with one of them. My side of the family gets a bit complicated.

10) Last but not least, I've listened to only Christian music for about 4 years now. I get caught up on my hip hop hits at wedding receptions!

10 Facts you probably don't know about Amanda!




I could give you my spill about how I started shooting with a film Minolta in middle school and that it tugged my heart so deeply I never set the camera down. But I would rather share with you what I love. What I enjoy. What I'm about. 

First you should know that I'm an avid Jesus follower. Everything I am and everything I've had in life I give full credit to the Creator of the Universe. In my logo you'll see Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." This is what I've built my photography business on and He never fails. I also want to share about my husband, Dustin. You probably saw him pop up briefly in my promo video if you watched it already! He is my rock. He is my hero. He is my soul mate. I'm a hopeless romantic that fell head over heels and now we are expecting. Our sweet little is a BOY and he will be named Grayson. His due date is February 25, 2017 and we couldn't be more excited!

There are some things in life that I love and cannot get enough of. Motorcycle rides at the break of spring, camping trips with long hikes to waterfalls, house renovating with our recently acquired 100 year old home, Netflix binges while I spend hours editing photos, supporting local artists like myself, traveling all over the world for one glimpse into another culture, spending nights on the porch getting real with close friends, running miles until my legs go numb, getting behind my camera for that first wedding of the season, making crazy adventures into awesome memories with my husband, and finally, and most importantly, worshiping our God with every breath in me as much as I can. 

I have a passionate soul. I get way too excited too easily. I smile at just about anything. I'm terrible with names. I'm a retired certified public accountant. I'm allergic to dogs. I look terrible with short hair. I own WAY too many shoes. I want a tattoo of a vintage camera. I love what I do so much it takes my breath away. This is me. The real me. Not the "fake, I hope I sold you" me. This is it. Now let's see if we can make this thing work.

I catch myself so many times wishing life away and I have to force myself to stop. Take it all in. To not lose site of the little things that make this life worth living. That's why I love photography. Because those little things that you never want to forget become a permanent memory. You know what happens when you look at a photograph? Your mind is immediately reminded of the moments that happened before and after that snapshot along with the emotions you were feeling. That one photograph preserves that moment forever.